Happy Like Yellow

2017-04-28 07.58.39

This little yellow pillbox is my first ever Sinamay project, an assignment in my 2nd course at George Brown.

Currently, there aren’t any millinery supply shops in Toronto, and importing rolls of sinamay via online shops is quite pricey.  (Especially if you don’t know if you’ll like working with it!)  Sinamay is made from the stalks of a banana palm tree in the Phillipines, and in the past 30 years has become one of the most popular hat materials.

I was able to get some beige sinamay, which was quite sad.  Enter Tulip’s fabric spraypaint.   It was a lifesaver in this situation – I like to keep my world as beige-less as possible, and it worked like a charm.

I also, as a beginner, haven’t committed to buying any hat blocks yet.  I will eventually, but would like to get a sense of my hat-making tendencies first.  In the meantime, I blocked this little pillbox on a vintage 1970’s wooden salad bowl – you know the ones. 🙂

After all the challenges in getting this to be the shape and colour that I wanted, I kept the embellishments simple, just adding loops of sinamay to the top.  I then hid a hair comb along the edge so it stays in place. Voila!

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