Assignment 1

2016-12-22 18.20.46

My first ever millinery course assignment was to make a sewn hat.  We spent the first few weeks of the course learning couture millinery techniques and the basics of hat construction.

I really wanted to take a feminine hat shape – the pillbox – and mix it with menswear suit fabric.   I thrifted the perfect Italian wool suit jacket on a $2 clearance rack.  This suit was a 54 short, and much to my delight, the dry-cleaning tag noted that it belonged to a Mr. Larry Stout.  Poetic.

I cut the main pieces of the hat from the back panels of the jacket, and then very carefully removed the suit collar, so that the hat would be embellished with the lapel.  The lapel wraps around the hat in such a way that the buttonhole lands in front, and the hat can be worn with a fresh flower.  (This photo has a vintage pin in it.)

I’ll try to come back and add more photos soon!

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